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Pernumia, (PD) Italia

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fax +39 0429 763049

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    Please, note that AFPUMPS will be closed from 6th to 23rd of August.
    We will open on August 24th.
    All AFPUMPS staff wishes you ... Have a nice holidays!!!

    For emergency please send an e-mail at our e-mail address:
    We'll take care of it as soon as we can.

AFPUMPS was founded in 1999 with the purpose of producing submersible electric pumps and ball check valves for every kind of water pumping request, combining technological innovation and market needs with the highest respect for the environment.
AFPUMPS has always carried its activities successfully consolidating a prominent position at the national level and also acquiring a prestigious position at the international level.
The continuous updating, the competence and the acquired experience have led to expand our product range, providing increasingly high quality and efficient service at the same time.
Based on some principles that have always characterized activities such as design, construction, assembling and testing, the company has always sought to continuously improve the quality also by offering an assistance, consulting and warranty service through a precise and accurate technical service support. The production, in continuous updating, has obtained and still keep on obtaining more and more considerable results.

Application fields

Impiego domestico

Domestic use
In a domestic context AFPUMPS products are used for the indoor rainwater collection and/or for the evacuation of domestic wastewater. Emptying cellars or swimming pools. Water games and any other problem related to the movement of water in general.
Impiego nell'industria

Industrial use
AFPUMPS industrial products are designed to satisfy all the common needs, such as pumping of wastewater, of water from machining, pumping of liquid containing abrasive, of gravel washing water, of chemically aggressive water or marine water.
Impiego nell'industria

Agricoltural use
In the agricultural/farming field, where products for heavy and particular duties are requested, AFPUMPS replies with a range of articles that ensures the pumping of liquids containing solids or filamentous, highly aggressive sewage, wastewater from vegetables or dairy washings.