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Pumping stations
Polyethylene pumping station on 50 liter

Automatic station for collection and lifting of the waste water tank with high density polyethylene, corrosion resistant, quiet and compact.
This station is an effective and economical solution for the collection and recovery of domestic waste water to sewer when this is at a higher level, then unreachable by gravity.
Thanks to its construction is extremely versatile and easy installation and maintenance.
The pumping station PRATIKA 50 is suitable for the collection and pump clean water, rainwater and wastewater from washing machines, sinks, toilets and underground. E’ particularly suitable for installations in residential buildings.
In this model must be used the pump with float start / stop.
And possible, eventually, to use an optional float with the function of alarm in case of overflow to connect to an control panel of command.

Example of installation

The holding tank receives the household wastewater from the drains.

The pump installed inside the tank refluxes the wastewater into the sewer.

The cover and pipe joints are fitted with seals to ensure airtight connections.