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Submersible electropumps
For draining dirty liquids and sewage with suspended solid or fibrous materials, vortex impeller.

Universal portable submersible electric motor pump.
Best uses for draining dirty liquids and sewage with sespended solid or fibrous materials, on costruction sites and for dewatering floated fields, emptying out sump pits and septic tanks, for domestic and industrial waste water. The overall result is a pump which offers a long working life with little and simple maintenance needs. The special construction ensures long life, with limited and easy maintenance also the outlet vertical, encourages its use in wells of limited size.

Motor asynchronous squirrel cage type in dielectric anti-oxide oil bath, protectin degree IP 68 and insulation class F. m. Single-phase feeding: with incorporated motor protector.
Three-phase feeding: with compulsory protection to be provided by the user.

Motor housing cast iron GG 25, shaft stainless steel AISI 420, electric cable neoprene H07RN8-F, bolt A2 class AISI 304, O.rings and lip seal nitrile, double mechanical seals in oil chamber: upper graphite + silicon carbide, lower all silicon carbide.

Conductivity sensor and thermal probes on request.

Example of installation

Trasportable installation: Fig. B; fixed Fig. C

TYPEFlow rateHeadFree passagePump deliveryMotor powerDWGData sheetSpare parts listInfo
TOP PROFESSIONAL E100max 400 l/min - 24 m3/hmax 7 mdiam. 50 mm2"1 HP - 0.75 KW
TOP PROFESSIONAL E120max 440 l/min - 26.4 m3/hmax 9 mdiam. 50 mm2"1.2 HP - 0.9 KW
TOP PROFESSIONAL E150max 455 l/min - 27.3 m3/hmax 10 mdiam. 50 mm2"1.5 HP - 1.1 KW
TOP PROFESSIONAL E200max 540 l/min - 32.4 m3/hmax 11 mdiam. 5 mm2"2 HP - 1.5 KW