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SPREAD series

SPREAD series

Submersible agitator, with vortex impeller.

The agitators SPREAD are meant to prevent the sedimentation and esactly the accumulation of debris such as solids and sludge at the bottom of the pumping station and rainwater catchments, sewage, etc..
The vortex created by the impeller vortex in addition to carrying the debris in suspension, prevents the formation of deposits on the surface of the water and remove any buildup deposited.

It’s really important that the agitator is switched on before starting the electric pump, so as to put the debris in suspension and pump it away.

The working time required depends primarily on the size and structure of the tank and can vary from 1 to more minutes.

Conductivity sensor-thermal probes on request.

Example of installation

The function consists in keeping debris suspended, avoiding their sedimentation

TYPEMotor powerWorking surfaceDWGData sheetSpare parts listInfo
SPREAD 65/3591.2 HP - 0.9 KWdiam. 1.5 m
SPREAD 65/3601.5 HP - 1.1 KWdiam. 2 m
SPREAD 80/3612 HP - 1.5 KWdiam. 2.5 m
SPREAD 80/3623 HP - 2.2 KWdiam. 3 m
SPREAD 80/3634 HP - 3 KWdiam. 3.5 m