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STREAM series

STREAM series

Submersible electropumps
For clear or slightly dirty water, open multi-vane fully submerged impeller + strainer inox.

Submersible electric pump are particularly recommended for solving problems in raising clear wastewater, rainwater and seepage containing small amounts of sand.
The considerable manometric head generated by the pump allow considerable differences in level to be overcome, suitable for irrigation and the fish processing sector.

On request, these pumps can be supplied with duct-foot pedestal for automatic coupling.

Motor asynchronous squirrel cage type in dielectric anti-oxide oil bath, protectin degree IP 68 and insulation class F. Single-phase feeding: 1,2 HP with incorporated motor protector and with built in capacitor; 1,5 HP with box control.Three-phase feeding: with compulsory protection to be provided by the user.

Motor housing cast iron GG 25, shaft stainless steel AISI 420, electric cable neoprene H07RN8-F, bolt A2 class AISI 304, O.rings and lip seal nitrile, double mechanical seals in oil chamber: upper graphite + silicon carbide, lower all silicon carbide.

Conductivity sensor and thermal probes on request.

Example of installation

Permanent installation with automatic coupling system

TYPEFlow rateHeadFree passagePump deliveryMotor powerDWGData sheetSpare parts listInfo
STREAM 2max 215 l/min - 12.9 m3/hmax 18 mdiam. 7 mm1" 1/4 - DN 321.2 HP - 0.9 KW
STREAM 3max 235 l/min - 14.1 m3/hmax 20 mdiam. 7 mm1" 1/4 - DN 321.5 HP - 1.1 KW
STREAM 4max 245 l/min - 14.7 m3/hmax 24 mdiam. 8 mm1" 1/4 - DN 402 HP - 1.5 KW
STREAM 5max 255 l/min - 15.3 m3/hmax 30 mdiam. 8 mm1" 1/4 - DN 403 HP - 2.2 KW