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MIX series

MIX series

Submersible mixer, with selfcleaning 2-blades propeller.

The submersible mixer MIX are used for homogenisation of heavy sludge, to prevent the sedimentation and esactly the accumulation of debris such as solids and sludge at the bottom of the pumping station and rainwater catchments, sewage, etc.

The vortex created by the selfcleaning 2-baldes propeller in addition to carrying the debris in suspension, prevents the formation of deposits on the surface of the water and remove any buildup deposited.

Conductivity sensor-thermal probes on request.

Example of installation

Type “Q” with square pipe 40 x 40 or 60 x 60

Type “T” with 2″ pipe and bracket shelf

Type “Z” fixing on ballast / tank bottom

TYPEFlow rateMotor powerRPMHelix diameterDWGData sheetSpare parts listInfo
MIX 75-6max 55 l/min 0.75 HP - 0.55 KW960 1/min230 mm
MIX 100-4max 90 l/min 1 HP - 0.75 KW1450 1/min230 mm
MIX 150-4max 120 l/min 1.5 HP - 1.1 KW1450 1/min210 mm
MIX 150-8max 120 l/min 1,5 HP - 1,1 KW720 1/min230 mm
MIX 200-6max 150 l/min 2 HP - 1,5 KW960 1/min230 mm