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Ball threaded check valve

Ball threaded check valve

Ball check valve and gate valve
Ball check valve

The ball check valve is extremely reliable in both vertical and horizontal installations thanks to its simple design and absence of mechanical parts.

Its working principle is based on the free movement of the “ball” inside the valve body and the particular design of the ball guide and of the pipe guarantee a complete opened passage without obstruction or asperity that could catch some solids.

Thanks to the free passage, lost of charges are very low.

The valve’s balls guarantees a minima inertia and the opening pressure of the check valve is about the half of the clapet valve type and the pipe remains opened without the application of spring or other mechanical supports.

To guarantee perfect sealing and silent running, the ball is the coated with rubber resistant to clean fresh or sea water, waste water or rainwater even with residual hydrocarbon.
The extremely simplified project assure the valve free from service.

Example of installation


As we can see,when the electric pump in working (ON), the ball check valve is open. Because of the pumped liquid, the ball is pushed to a not impediment lateral housing.
Therefore the passage of liquids, containing suspended solid too, is freely expelled (fig.B)


When the electric pump stops (OFF), the pumped liquid tends to return in the well.
Due to the gravity effect as well as to the liquid, the ball returns in its rest seat, perfectly sealing the pipe and locking the reflow (fig. C)