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AFPUMPS was founded in 1999 with the aim of producing submersible electropumps and ball check valves to satisfy any water pumping necessity. We combine technological development and market request with highest environmental respect.
AFPUMPS has always performed its activity strengthening its leading position in the italian market and gaining a prestigious role in the international one.


Our products can be used in residential contexts to collect rainwater, to evacuate domestic waste water coming from discharges of any kind and to empty pools or basements. Our products can also serve any other purpose regarding water movements, such as ornamental water features.
Our product can satisfy al most common needs regarding the pumping of waste water, pumping of water coming from mechanical manufacturing, pumping of liquids with abrasive components, chemically aggressive waters or sea waters.
In the agricultural/farming field, where products for heavy and particular duties are requested, we reply with a range of articles that ensures the pumping of liquids containing solids or filamentous bodies, highly aggressive sewage, wastewater from vegetables or dairy washings


In the plant located in Pernumia (PD), AFPUMPS deals with all the procedures of products production, such as designing, manufacturing, processing and testing. Our team strongly believes in the value of quality that represents the innovation spirit of the company, and our mission is to transmit and share it through our products.

We are provided with rooms and machineries suitable for the entire production of submersible electropumps.

The experience acquired over the years, combined with the most advanced technologies, led to a production characterized by significant volumes and a consolidated quality


The painting process of all our products takes place in our paint plant of recent construction.

The advanced industrial technologies of this plant and the know-how of our operators are combined to realize products of excellent quality.

Before the painting, each product is subjected to a micro-blasting treatment that makes the rough surfaces cleaner and more susceptible to the two-component water-based paint always applied with high thickness.

Afterwards, the permanence in the oven at high temperature, allows to fix in the optimal way the paint to the metal body, ensuring a proper protection over time.


“CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT” this is the technical department maxim.

Each product is designed and developed until its realization.